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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ITS Dispatch for?

ITS Dispatch was designed for anyone looking to save time managing their transportation business. Whether you are a Broker or Carrier, Owner Operator, or Freight Dispatcher, or even looking for an easy way to manage your IFTA taxes, ITS Dispatch offers a variety of easy to use, affordable options to fit your needs.

Do I have to download anything to my computer or purchase any hardware?

No. ITS Dispatch is web-based. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access ITS Dispatch from anywhere. Your truck is mobile, your management tools should be as well.

Can I customize my account?

Absolutely. ITS Dispatch will upload your company logo, which will display on your invoices and other company documents. You can even customize your dispatch board.

Can I import information into my ITS Dispatch Account?

Yes. We designed ITS Dispatch to help you save time. If you have a customer list on excel, we can import it for you.

Is my information protected?

You’re 100% protected. ITS Dispatch does not share your information. We use multiple servers across the country to ensure security. Your information is also mirrored on to our back-up servers so you never have to worry about “lost information”.

Do you offer support and training?

Yes, we do. Support is unlimited and FREE. You can call our expert support team, live chat with us, or simply send an email. Our experienced team will take the time to train you and/or your employees so you can focus on running your business.

Does ITS Dispatch work with any accounting software?

Yes. We integrate with QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Online.

How many users can I have?

ITS Dispatch does not charge per user. Whether you have 1 employee or 100 employees, we can help you create a login for every member of your team. You can even set custom permission levels for each user.

What is the cost of this solution?

ITS Dispatch is very affordable. There are multiple options that will help you get organized and save time. Give us a call at 1-888-338-9656, we will help you determine which ITS Dispatch solution will work best for your business based on your needs, and give you a price associated with it. As always, there are no contracts and no commitments.

Do I have to pay for updates?

No. At ITS Dispatch our developers are right in the office. They are continually making improvements, adding new features, and taking suggestions for new features from our customers. Whenever there are updates to the program, ALL of our customers get to take advantage.

How can I be sure ITS Dispatch is the right solution for my business?

Call us today at 1-888-338-9656 extension 100 for your free live demonstration. Speak with one of our experts, ask some questions, and let us show you how ITS Dispatch can help you save time and grow your business.