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Owner Operators can:

Dispatch loads effortlessly and send invoices with a single click

Instantly notify your customers of progress and location

Quickly calculate payroll while seamlessly managing your drivers and loads right from your own digital dispatch board

Automate your IFTA reporting with our easy-to-use solution

Access your ITS Dispatch account anywhere you have an internet connection

Enjoy unlimited users, training and FREE support

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The Average ITS Dispatch Customer

The Average ITS Dispatch Customer





Additional Add-ons:

Preventative Maintenance

A proactive approach to maintaining your trucks, this add-on will save you time and money.

Driver Messaging

Send your drivers pickup and delivery information via text message. Drivers can change the status of the load and respond directly back the dispatcher.

File Storage

Get unlimited cloud storage space for any additional information or third party documents you send with a load.  Eliminate paper clutter and unnecessary filing.

Sales Manager

Easily manage the sales side of your business. Send quotes to customers and prospects, create lead accounts and manage their progression every step of the way.

Take control of your trucking business. Get the industry's leading, cost-effective TMS today!
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